How to tame your fly aways!!

Hello ladies like most of you for a very long time I have been battling with my arch nemesis my fly aways!! More so during the summer months.. I usually do my hair and lately its been in a bun (i know boring).. So I went on a quest to find the perfect serum and or spray to help tame them.. To my surprise there were 3 products that I really like.. And of course a hand full that I hated!! So ladies please stay away from these products if you have wavy/curly hair and slightly damaged..

1) Garnier Fructis sleek & Shine
2) John Frieda full repair flyaway tamer
3) Citre shine Anti-frizz serum
4) Loreal Ever Sleek
5) Fantasia Frizz Buster

Products worth purchasing!!

1) Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum isn’t for those with very thin hair because it does make hair skinnier. You can always style your hair after with curling irons, rollers, or whatever to get the volume where you want it though. I use a flat iron on my dry hair but could just as easily curl it and add volume. It is concentrated and adds great shine, sleekness, and softness to hair. Only a little is needed and it works well with other styling products. I love it.
Price- $6.00 (smaller bottle)
4 stars.***

2) Bed Head Control Freak

This is a great product! It does what it claims: controls the frizz. It also gives a nice shine to my hair and it isn’t to heavy. Smells like green apples.. as do most of their products.
5 stars*****

3) Got2B glossy shine anti-frizz

This is the first got2b product I ever tried and I really loved it! I have thin, frizzy hair and using this product really did help eliminate most of the frizz. It isn’t perfect, but it does make a difference as I got a lot of compliments about my hair looking smoother. This product is cery versatile it works well with damp or dry hair and its easy to use.
Price-$6.00 (one size bottle)
3 1/2 stars ***