Revlon lipstick Berry Haute

Product Review: Revlons Berry Haute Super Lustrous Lipstick

Im so obssesed with lip products and when i saw this color at my local CVS i knew i just had to have it!! But being a mom and on a budget i was skeptical about purchasing this 8.99 lip product after all its drugstore and im thinking how well can the color pay off be and the longivity of the color all the questions im sure run threw all your heads. After picking it up and putting it down repeatedly i finally made up my mind to just buy the damn thing after all if i didnt i would just go home and drive myself crazy about it. And ladys am i happy i did because i love it!! So without further ado here are my thoughts on this product, i will be reviewing color, wear and price.


;Its a pinky lipstick with a slight purpleish under tone to it. I think it looks great for women of all color. It took me 2 swipes to get the color i wanted. But to get its maximum color i would say 3-4 swipes if that.


This lipstick lasted 4hours without me needing to touch up. The lipstick is a creamy formula and goes on very smooth with no shine. Very comparable to Mac and Sephora..

Price: Great

For the amount of product that you recieve and the color formula i would say that the price is fair. Not to mention that CVS and other drugstores always have promotions going on buy one get one half off so you can really get a deal.

So ladys please let me know if you plan on or have purchased this product, give me your thoughts and opinons.


Ombré hair!!

Hello ladies! I’m sure you have all seen and heard of the new hair trend (ombré). When I saw this look on Jennifer Aniston and khloe Kardashian I knew I had to try it out! So i jumped in my car and drove to my nearest k-Mart and picked up a Revlon highlight kit in medium-blonde and also picked up a chocolate brown base color… Went by Sally’s beauty supply store and picked up a brush and a shampoo called shimmer lights it’s a purple bottle! I spent about 30 dollars in total. Went home and combed out my hair and started to apply the chocolate brown on the top half of my head waited 15mins rinsed and let my hair air dry. Next I took my highlight kit followed the directions on the box and applied that all over my tips as high as you desire I went up about 3inches took the brush I purchased from Sally’s and applied some product onto it and started to then make small strokes on my hair (this is so that there aren’t any harsh lines) after I was done with that I left the product on my hair for about 3-4mins and then washed it out. Now this will vary for everyone, I have light medium brown hair so my tips took well to the color and this also depends on the color blonde you want (I wanted mine blonde ish with a hint of brass to it) I then went into the shower and took the shampoo and applied it only to the tips of my hair and let that sit for 3mins went on to conditioner and again let it air dry. After a week of shampooing with the shimmer lights I was able to get the color I desired. Check out my photos to see the end result!!