Hard Candy Review


Im absolutely in love with this line. As you can see I’ve only picked up a couple of their products but I plan on going back to Walmart and purchasing a couple other things I had my eye on.. I just didn’t want to go crazy buying things with out knowing the quality.. I did hear from my girlfriend that this brand and Urban Decay are made from the same manufacturer. Anyways lets get right in to the review..

▪Blush/bronzer duo in Truth or Dare

▪ Baked blush in Honeymoon #127

▪ Baked bronzer in Tiki #129

▪ Lipstick in Picture Perfect

▪ Eyeliner pencil in Nugget (gold glitter)

Their blush & bronzer duo is a perfect dupe for Benefit! Their packaging is damn near identical with the exception of the print and design. The quality is great. There’s not a lot of fall out and the color payoff is great. It is a build able product so that’s great for anyone who’s still experiencing with makeup or if you just have a heavy hand. Nothing beats their price only $6.00 dollars for this great product and the amount of product you get is very generous for the price you pay.

Baked blush in Honeymoon is a perfect light dainty pink. It goes on very smooth and opaque. I my self wouldn’t use this as a blush but more so as a highlighter for my cheek bone and cuspids bow. I’m not really sure why it’s considered a blush because I can’t see the color on my face and its a little too shimmery to put on my cheek. But again the color payoff is great and just the right amount of shimmer for a highlighter.. This product isn’t chalky and its very easy to blend. At $6.00 this product is a home run.

Tiki is labeled as a bronzer but just like Honeymoon it’s too light to use as a bronzer so I use this as a highlighter as well.. It’s a beautiful gold color with some yellowish tones to it. This product I’m sure ill get more use out of in the summer and spring. Both Honeymoon and Tiki are multipurpose products that you can use as shadows if you desired. Again at $6.00 dollars you can’t go wrong.

Picture Perfect wasn’t my favorite color but the product itself is very hydrating and moisturizing. I like that the lipstick has a great color pay off and at the center of the lipstick you can see a white center which makes it glide on super smooth. I think the center is a balm of some sort. But the fact that its very shimmery throws me off. I don’t like my lips to glisten. The smell is minty and tolerable. Again at a six dollar price point ill try another color.

The Nugget eyeliner is just a perfect glittery gold color. It glides on smooth and its not like some other eye liners that you really have to press down on to get the color. I’ve used this eyeliner as a base color for an eyeshadow look and it worked out great no creasing. Not really too much to say about this but if your on the hunt for a gold liner you can stop here..

Well that concludes my Hard Candy haul. Over all I think the line is great especially for a drugstore line. I think its quality is awesome and the variety of products they offer is exclusive. We are talking anything from face primers to foundation and everything in between. The price point varies anywhere from $6 to about $12. Again the quality is great so I definitely recommend this to all you lovely lady’s.. Please tell me what your thoughts are on this line and if you have any recommendations for me please leave them in the comments below.. ❤

(Left-right). Picture perfect, Truth or Dare blush, bronzer, Tiki, Honeymoon, Gold liner Nugget.





Beauty haul


I thought it would be a great idea to show you guys my little collective haul. So last week my daughter and I were at our local mall and of course I had to stop into Ulta.. There wasn’t much that caught my eye but I did pick up Urban Decay’s “Naked Basics” (I’ve already reviewed) and there Naked Foundation which was a repurchase.. I’m going to do a review on all the items I purchased.. I also picked up Sally Hansen’s “Insta gel strip” nail set, maybelline’s color tattoo eye shadow in “in the pink”, also a quad called “copper chic”, and 3 of there new lip products from there new Whisper line and also a gloss called “Bellini”. I picked up 2 Revlon lipsticks the first is “just enough buff” and the other “champagne on ice”.

We also stopped by Walmart and I picked up a couple Hard Candy products which to my understanding are a sister product to Urban Decay. I picked up a blush called Truth or Dare a lip product called Picture Perfect and a eyeliner in gold #356 and 2 highlighters the gold one is in Tropics and the light pink in Honeymoon.. I received the Sonia Kashuk brushes as a present from my husband for Christmas.

Within the next week I will have some reviews up.. Please let me know if any of you lady’s have used the Hard Candy products what your thoughts on them are!! Till next time dolls stay beautiful.. ❤

Kardashian Disaster

Hello dolls!!! So I was in Ulta a couple days ago and came across “Khroma” the kardashian makeup line.. Well for starters I had no idea they were launching there own makeup line. I must be living under a rock. It’s either that or they did a horrible job at advertising for it. Now don’t get me wrong ladies its not as if I didn’t expect it. It just caught me off guard. So i know what your all thinking is there an end for these women? I say NO! As if sinking there paws into fashion and reality TV wasn’t enough here they are with there own makeup line.

Ill be the first to say I’m not impressed.. Ladies just because you have the capability of slapping your name on everything doesn’t mean you should. I purchased the “In the nude” lip set from the line and I hate it.. I spent $14.99 on a set that’s not worth $6.00 dollars in my opinion..

kardashian lips

The set comes with everything you’ll need for “the perfect nude lip”, a lipliner and lipstick 2-in-1:

kardashian lipstick

and a lip gloss:

kardashian lip gloss

Just as the package states these three products are “pre-matched for  flesh-toned perfection”.  They are precisely the same color. Which is ok but the applicator broke as i was trying to apply it, the lipstick was too creamy and didnt look like a nude color it looked more like a concealer for your lips. I looked like i was on my dying death bed with this lip combo on. The lip gloss was my only hope i thought it would save the day &  that there would be a happy ending and i was so wrong. The gloss has this horrific CHEMICAL smell to it, and the applicator doesnt hold enough product. You have to stick the applicator in the tube of gloss at least 8 times to cover your lips entirly. And i wasnt impressed with the packaging!!! Granted there considering the brand to be drugstore but look at NYX there “drug store” and there products are durable and there packaging looks exspensive.

When i saw this set i thought to my self how cheap & flimsy does that look, the shadows look really chalcky too. Again there claiming to be “drugstore”but with a higher end price point! Look at Sonia Kashuk for instience there a higher end drugstore product with great quality. There isnt anything fancy about there packaging  but you can tell there sturdy. Even elf which is at the very end of the spectrum (price point that is) has a better looking palette. All in all I wouldnt try anything else aside from there lashes..  Please leave your comments below i wanna know im anyone disagrees!



Revlon lipstick Berry Haute

Product Review: Revlons Berry Haute Super Lustrous Lipstick

Im so obssesed with lip products and when i saw this color at my local CVS i knew i just had to have it!! But being a mom and on a budget i was skeptical about purchasing this 8.99 lip product after all its drugstore and im thinking how well can the color pay off be and the longivity of the color all the questions im sure run threw all your heads. After picking it up and putting it down repeatedly i finally made up my mind to just buy the damn thing after all if i didnt i would just go home and drive myself crazy about it. And ladys am i happy i did because i love it!! So without further ado here are my thoughts on this product, i will be reviewing color, wear and price.


;Its a pinky lipstick with a slight purpleish under tone to it. I think it looks great for women of all color. It took me 2 swipes to get the color i wanted. But to get its maximum color i would say 3-4 swipes if that.


This lipstick lasted 4hours without me needing to touch up. The lipstick is a creamy formula and goes on very smooth with no shine. Very comparable to Mac and Sephora..

Price: Great

For the amount of product that you recieve and the color formula i would say that the price is fair. Not to mention that CVS and other drugstores always have promotions going on buy one get one half off so you can really get a deal.

So ladys please let me know if you plan on or have purchased this product, give me your thoughts and opinons.